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We are a youth organisation connected with the RAF that aims to give young people incredible experiences that encourage the spirit of adventure, good leadership and good citizenship.

We strive to provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life, and we promote a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force.

You don’t have to be interested in a career in the RAF to join us, we offer opportunities that are unique, chances to meet new people,¬†hands-on experiences and lots of fun.

There are more than 40,000 members aged between 12 and 20 years, and you could join them. Look through the website to find out more about Wymondham Squadron and what we do.

Cadets Complete Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course

Cpl Stevens and recently-promoted Sgt Webb joined 22 other cadets from Norfolk & Suffolk Wing to complete their Senior NCO course at the weekend.

The course aims to improve the standard of their drill and their leadership skills, as well as their knowledge of the Air Cadets. This is to prepare them for a role in a senior rank at the Sqn, where they will be needed to help run activities effectively, and also to set an excellent example to the other cadets. Both returned with very good reports, as expected – well done!

Cadets Enjoy Final Air Experience Flights of 2017

Four cadets, none of whom had previously been flying in the Tutor, visited 7 AEF at RAF Cranwell on Saturday, for our last flying slot of the year. It was a very cold but otherwise lovely day, so all had an enjoyable flight.

7 AEF have flown 18 of our cadets this year – almost all for their first flight – so many thanks to their pilots and staff for their very good work.

Cadets Compete in Cyber Centurion Round 2

Very well done to Cpl Innes, Cdt Bradley and Cdt Keogh, who participated in Round 2 of the Cyber Centurion competition on Sunday.

For this round, the team had three computers to investigate – one each running Windows 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Despite being more difficult than Round 1, they worked extremely hard and showed good perserverence, eventually amassing 139 of the 300 points available. In the provisional results, they placed 85th out of 168 teams from across the UK, and 8th out of 12 teams from the cadet organisations. A highly creditable result for a relatively young team.

This follows on from another good performance in Round 1, where Cpl Sully and Cdt Levers were also in the team. The final round will take place in January.

Nijmegen Training Begins

Cpl Stevens joined the Wing Road Marching team at the weekend, for their first training session of the winter. It was a nice sunny day, and the team completed a easy 12-mile march – a good introduction for the new members.

Most of the cadets are aiming to attend next year’s marches in Nijmegen, Holland, where they will need to complete 100 miles over 4 days. Over the winter they will train once per month, in preparation for the qualifying marches (50 miles over 2 days) at RAF Cosford in April.

Cadets complete Cyber-Awareness Course

Very well done to Cpl Webb and Cdt Hampton for completing the Bronze Level Cyber Course on Saturday, becoming some of the first cadets in Norfolk & Suffolk Wing to do so. The course covers topics including vulnerabilities in common devices and applications, wireless security, and safe use of social media.

Cadets enjoy more Air Experience Flying

Sgt Emms, Cpl Bradley and Cpl Stevens travelled to RAF Cranwell on Sunday for Air Experience Flying in the Tutor. Despite a gloomy start to the day, the cloud gradually lifted enough for all three to enjoy a full flight, including a first flight for Cpl Bradley. The cloud stayed a bit too low for any aerobatics, but the cadets were still made to work hard, instead navigating their way around the Lincolnshire skies. Very many thanks to all the staff at 7 AEF who, as always, ran a very slick operation.

WARMA 2-Day March

More congratulations are in order for our cadets and staff who took on the WARMA march this weekend. Well done on completing the 50 miles! I hope you’re all ready for Nijmegen when it comes around. Well done!